Double exposures & creative filters

After the almost-documentary photography of Burning Nest, I wanted to try something a bit creative, and without much expectation of an end result. I bought a job lot of cheap Cokin filters from eBay a while ago, including some shaped bokeh filters, and a multi-image glass filter, that splits the image into 5 parts. While visiting a friend in Norwich, we got some fairy lights out of his loft, and shot a roll of images in the dark using the filters. Then, I rewound the film (being careful to leave the leader out) and re-shot the roll in the nearby woods, Mousehold Heath.

3 thoughts on “Double exposures & creative filters

  1. I love this so much <3

    1. Thanks 🙂 So pleased with how they came out!

  2. Emily Gallagher 20/07/2018 — 4:20 pm

    Brilliant work and idea, I love how they came out. Now, I have some shopping to do. Thanks for sharing your process.

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