Interview: Sheila Udeagu

Sheila is a London-based freelance digital operator, lighting assistant and photographer – making photographer’s lives easier on shoots! Studio lighting, processing and professional workflows are something I have absolutely no experience of, so it was really interesting to hear from Sheila as to what attracts her to photography.

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Interview: Tom Pritchard

A special interview today, with one of my closest friends, and frequent partner-in-photographic-crime. Tom Pritchard, also known as Patching Tom in music circles, lives in Norwich and writes some of my favourite electronic music. From down-tempo, minimalist chillout to wobbly bass-filled acid, Tom’s back catalogue is extensive and varied. He also explores photography through a variety of toy cameras, which I’ve grilled him about below.

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Interview: Rachel J Turpin

One of the things I love most about photography, and how interconnected the world of photographers and artists is now, is that with just a few clicks, we can learn new techniques, new ways of seeing the world. And to this end, in 2017 I’ve decided to interview a few friends and people whose work I admire, to get a better understanding of other people’s techniques and motivations.

To start, Rachel J Turpin kindly answered a few questions for me, and shared her motivations behind her most recent work.

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