Blue Moon: Cyanotype Inspiration

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll know I like alternative processes. Something about cyanotypes has really grabbed my interest recently – something about the ability to print on anything porous, something about the fact it uses the sun to fix the image, it’s a process I keep thinking about.

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2017 Project: Tarot

This year I’ve decided to start a long-term project, one that will take a while to complete and may, at the end, have a physical product come out of it. I’ve been thinking around this theme for a while, inspired by card sets and series, art from games and musings on spirituality.

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Exposing both sides of the film for fun and profit

…well, just for fun, really.

A technique I’ve recently stumbled across on Lomography’s tutorial site shows us how to expose both sides of a roll of film, giving results that are half normal, half redscale. The results are trippy and gorgeous, and the best results have been achieved by Lomo user Hodachrome.

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Liz Brizzi


Liz Brizzi’s “Anagrams“ at Roq La Rue.

Currently showing at Roq La Rue in Seattle, Washington until March 28th, 2015 is artist Liz Brizzi’s show “Anagrams.”  The artist uses photography, collage and painting to create her complex urban statements.  Though these works are almost completely created from real places and structures, the layering of paint and collage create unfamiliar and dreamlike metropolises.

Liquid light – painting with emulsion

ANOTHER THING I want to have a go at – developing images on things that are not paper. Liquid light is a paint-on emulsion that you can then expose to your negative, develop and fix like you would photo paper.

How-to is here and here on Instructables (a little more in-depth). There’s also a course you can take at Fotosynthesis, a great community with darkrooms near me in Kennington. It’s on my way home from work, it’d be rude not to pop in…

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