Interview: Jenny Gosling

Now, portraits are a kind of photography that I am *not* good at. Lighting is difficult, I feel like models are judging me, and I just have no eye for good poses. So I am very jealous of Jenny Gosling‘s abilities, and she has kindly answered a few questions for me!

How did you get into photography? What was your first camera?
I got into photography at around 8 years old as my dad was a semi-pro and bought me my first camera for my 8th birthday (which I still remember getting really clearly) it was an Olympus OM30 and it had an owl on the box. I loved it and took it everywhere with me. I took it with me on our holiday that year to the Alps and took a million photographs (and not one less)

Do you have any major photography influences?
In terms of influences – I did a fine art photography degree so I tend to be influenced by artists and illustrators as much as other photographers. My favourite artists are Floria Sigismondi (photographer and videographer) Beeteeth (Illustrator) Lacey Law (Printer) and George Hurrell (Photographer, lord of light) But generally, if it’s dark, weird or excessively floral; I’m into it.

What themes do you follow in your photography, if any? What do you feel unites your work?
I do a lot of commercial/corporate work in my professional photography life; but in my own personal work and style – things that unite and bring my style together tend to be vibrant colours, strong lighting and women – I photograph women a lot!


Which camera setup is your favourite, and why?
Short depth of field and a beauty dish butterfly light – with a nice hair light in the back, makes everyone look bad-ass. I shoot all my professional work on a Canon 5d Mark 2 and I still love it even though it’s a few years old now. Light means EVERYTHING though, it’s all about the lighting.

Among your work, which is your favourite shot and why?
It changes often, at the moment it’s these two (below). Both shots are of Alessandra, a Swiss beauty (I love her bone structure, it’s amazing) I love them because she has a great face and pulls off aggressively feminine really well. The colour shot was for the International hair contest in Basel this year, and the black and white shot was just a bit of fun!

Is there a technique or subject you’d like to explore, that you haven’t yet?
Just getting better at lighting in general, and video actually. More creative video – It’s important to have a few strings in your bow.

What are your photography plans for 2017?
I’ve recently gone freelance to allow for more variety and it’s going well, so more of the same – and some more outdoor fashion/editorial stuff in my personal work would be nice.

Thanks so much Jenny – I really love seeing how people’s influences and personal tastes affect their work. I’m discovering loads of new inspirations from doing this short series of interviews already! See more of Jenny’s work here:

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