“Holslo” DIY Frankencamera: a project by Steve Lloyd

One of the fantastic things about shooting film, is the relatively low cost of our kit. Plastic cameras can give such fun results from so little outlay, that it encourages many people to get extra-creative. Not content with the existing wide-angle offerings on the film market, Steve Lloyd decided to put together something of his own!

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Limited edition patches

I’m excited to announce that I’ve designed and produced (with Aspinline, a patch manufacturer here in Bristol) a limited edition line of fabric patches! These are iron-on, but can be sewn as well of course. They measure 74mm x 80mm, with a heat-sealed border to prevent fraying.

Perfect for any camera bag or jacket – show the world how much you love your camera! You can buy below from Etsy – if you’d like to buy a larger amount, please get in touch 🙂






2017 Project: Tarot

This year I’ve decided to start a long-term project, one that will take a while to complete and may, at the end, have a physical product come out of it. I’ve been thinking around this theme for a while, inspired by card sets and series, art from games and musings on spirituality.

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Interview: Tom Pritchard

A special interview today, with one of my closest friends, and frequent partner-in-photographic-crime. Tom Pritchard, also known as Patching Tom in music circles, lives in Norwich and writes some of my favourite electronic music. From down-tempo, minimalist chillout to wobbly bass-filled acid, Tom’s back catalogue is extensive and varied. He also explores photography through a variety of toy cameras, which I’ve grilled him about below.

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Exposing both sides of the film for fun and profit

…well, just for fun, really.

A technique I’ve recently stumbled across on Lomography’s tutorial site shows us how to expose both sides of a roll of film, giving results that are half normal, half redscale. The results are trippy and gorgeous, and the best results have been achieved by Lomo user Hodachrome.

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Interior photography

For a while, interior photography was my day job, for a lettings agent. I worked in central London, carting my gear around in the top box of my motorbike and trying not to get my muddy boots on people’s cream-coloured carpets. My gear was minimal – dSLR, 18-22mm lens, on-camera flash and a remote shutter control. No room for a tripod, annoyingly – but we do what we can, with what we have.

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