Ektar in early spring

Back before we were all confined at home, we went for a walk. Near where we used to live in North Somerset, is a beautiful lake in the equally gorgeous Chew Valley – loved by joggers, dog walkers and bird watchers alike, it was busy on a bright February afternoon. I brought along my Pentax MX and 50mm lens, to make an attempt at getting back into the swing of taking photos, and a roll of Ektar from my stash.

Little did I know, I’d previously shot 7 or 8 photos on this roll, and must have rewound the film to swap out for another at some point. Aside from a couple of double exposures, I managed to make a couple of nice images that day, plus a few freelensing attempts last week, to use up the rest of the roll.

I’ve not shot much Ektar, tending to prefer Portra or Superia for colour images. However, the red tones brought out by the bare trees and muddy paths might make me rethink that in future.

I can’t say it’s brought my photo mojo back either (that’s dead in the water) but every little helps.

I still enjoy freelensing though, especially now that the spring flowers are out in bloom. It’s a nice way of producing some unexpected results!

2 thoughts on “Ektar in early spring

  1. Beautiful flower shot!

    1. Charlotte Davis 11/05/2020 — 2:13 pm

      Thanks Don – lucky to find some bluebells that hadn’t wilted too much!

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