Tropical greenery in Wales

I had the chance to walk around the oddly-named Water-Break-It’s-Neck waterfall in Powys, Wales. I took my Pentax KS-2 with me, as I wanted the flexibility of digital in the low light, and the Sigma Super-Wide 24mm lens.

Love a bit of macro, me

The valley is steep on either side, and everything is covered in moss. It’s the kind of place you expect to see in Lord of the Rings, and at the end of a short walk, is a gorgeous waterfall. The area around (Radnor and Bleddfa) used to be home to the last of the Welsh wolves, and walking through the dark woods, it’s easy to believe.

I was setting the exposure manually (the luxury of a DSLR screen!) but as the light dimmed, my eyes got used to the low light, and I didn’t notice how underexposed some of the later shots are. I’ve ended up with a bit of a colour cast that I can’t seem to sort out in Darktable, but otherwise I’m pleased with most of the shots.

I’ve been considering full-frame alternatives to the KS-2 recently, but I think with a bit more practice I can get the results I want with it – the RAW files from the KS-2 are better than I’d expected from a crop-sensor camera, and the weather sealing seems to have held up under the spray.

Coins bashed into the tree

More photos in the slideshow below (click through to the album).

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