Horizon S3 Pro + Brancaster, North Norfolk

The second outing with the Horizon S3 Pro was more successful – I managed to get through most of a roll without it chewing up the film. It got a little stuck at frame 10, but by pressing the rewind button I managed to get it unstuck a couple of times.

There’s a bit of a soft spot over on the right, which I’m not sure is normal. These shots also came out a little overexposed, but luckily Agfa Vista 200 has fairly good latitude, so I could pull some detail back in Darktable. I also need to learn how to hold it properly – I had to crop my fingers out of the shots a few times! Overall I’m happy with the results, would like to try some high contrast black and white next.

2 thoughts on “Horizon S3 Pro + Brancaster, North Norfolk

  1. My Horizon has the same fuzzy patch on the right, i.e. from the lense at the end of its traverse I think. It must mean the lens isn’t the right distance from the film in that position. Maybe the film isn’t taut enough? Can’t believe the lens itself runs out of alignment on it’s circular arc track.

    Anyway, not hugely important for me. Just love the format and it’s one of my favourite cameras.

    You won’t be disappointer using it with b&w film, I like Harman Pan 100 or 400 because it is nice and contrasty.

    1. Charlotte Davis 12/01/2022 — 5:40 pm

      Sorry for the late reply! I worked out that the film wasn’t passing under both rollers – the one right next to the canister was being missed. See if it helps yours too – I’m not too bothered by odd patches either, I love the format and the odd results!

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