Christmas gift ideas for the film photographer in your life

Christmas. It looms upon us, with the inevitability of a massive wet kiss from a distant relative. Like a Christmas Pudding set on fire by someone too drunk to be left in charge of a lighter, it fills many of us with dread.

But friends, it needn’t be that way. At least not if you are a film photography devotee, or you know one. I’ve put together a list of things I’d really like to receive, and I’m sure loads of fellow filmies would too. Enjoy!

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This week’s photographic failures

It’s been an interesting time for analogue photography recently. There has been success, with Ektachrome being re-released by Kodak and finally hitting shelves over here in the UK. The Chroma 4×5 camera has been reaching its backers (including me, yay!) after a successful Kickstarter campaign, to universal glee. New film stocks are emerging all the time, from small boutique brands. It can seem like film photography is getting into its stride again… and then, there came the Yashica Y35.

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More money than sense? Then the Canon IV USB memory stick is for you!

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 18.13.10

Is a massive wodge of money burning a hole in your pocket? Have you already bought five Leicas, three Billingham bags and all the Velvia you can store in your gold-plated mansion? Then, my friend: the replica Canon IV USB stick is for you.

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Win a Diana Pinhole camera on #DianaDay!

August 5th is #DianaDay (no, not Queen Of Are Harts Princess Diana) on Twitter, and to celebrate, are giving away a Pinhole Diana!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 17.12.22

To enter, follow this link: and tweet it out to your friends. You can have a maximum of 5 entries, so get going!

17mm lens testing – Kilve Beach

I’ve always been drawn to super wide-angle lenses. I don’t know why – a combination of the distortion (reminds me of 90’s skate videos) and being able to get REALLY CLOSE to things and still get a whole background in, maybe. A kind person over on the Talk Photography forums kindly lent me theirs – a 17mm Tamron lens, which I quickly picked up an adaptor for.


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Konstructor + Redscale = Experimental!

If you’re going to try out a new film or a new camera, you usually do one or the other. This reduces your chance of failure, and gives you the opportunity to assess the film or camera properly (without too many new variables). However, on this occasion I decided to throw myself in at the deep end. A new film (Lomography Redscale) and a new camera, the Lomography Konstructor! The Konstructor is a DIY kit camera – lots of plastic bits you put together yourself.

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“Holslo” DIY Frankencamera: a project by Steve Lloyd

One of the fantastic things about shooting film, is the relatively low cost of our kit. Plastic cameras can give such fun results from so little outlay, that it encourages many people to get extra-creative. Not content with the existing wide-angle offerings on the film market, Steve Lloyd decided to put together something of his own!

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