Pentax 50mm 1.7 on Fujifilm X-T20

I said to myself when I got my new Fujifil X-T20: “I’m not going to use old lenses, I’m going to embrace The Future and Autofocus”

… I lasted a couple of weeks before I caved and bought a K&F Concept PK-MX adaptor, and let me tell you, it was a GREAT decision. I struggled to attach it at first, but after giving it some welly, it fits pretty securely. I had to switch the body settings to “shoot without lens” as well, then I was good to go.

The focus peaking on the Fuji makes it SO EASY to use a manual lens with the Fuji body. I’ve used focus peaking before, on my Pentax KS-2, but it didn’t seem quite so intuitive as with the Fuji.

It was especially useful in taking a few snaps of my chunky cat son, Gunter, as he came stomping over to see what I was doing crouched in the grass. The wave of little red highlights made it super-simple to follow him, however as I’d left the aperture wide open on the lens itself (because I’m basic), I missed the focus a little bit.

I’ll definitely be trying out some of my other lenses – the adaptor adds some length, but the 50mm Asahi Pentax lens is a great one and I’m glad it had another outing.

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