Forest walk

This weekend I went on holiday with a friend, to Thetford Forset. It was a lovely break, really relaxing, and another chance to test out my new Fujifilm X-T20.

I had varied subjects to point the Fuji at, with a mix of wildlife (a muntjac deer, various birds and a hare!) all sighted over the weekend. We also went for a couple of long stomps through the woods, stopping to poke at ferns and flowers along the way.

I managed to test both the Fujifilm X 15-45mm lens and the Pentax 50mm lens (with adaptor). The two photos above were taken with the 50mm, and while the pine needle is pretty sharp, the squirrel (cropped from a larger image) is pretty soft, with lots of chromatic aberration going on throughout. This might be due to me shooting it wide open, but could also be because it’s an old, manual lens – I’m not exactly comparing apples to oranges.

While the 15-45mm isn’t the best lens for bokeh, it’s very sharp. Fuji greens also shone through nicely, despite my continuing lack of competence at post-processing. I did, however, manage to work out how to shoot in RAW (hooray), so there’s hope that eventually I’ll work out a decent workflow for images.

Shooting in RAW, however, does mean I’m likely to run out of hard disk space on my aging MacBook. I’m trying to work out the best way to keep the original RAW files and work on them in RawTherapee while also saving space (maybe moving the originals to Dropbox after processing?). My other idea is to upload them wirelessly to Photos somehow, then work on the post-processing on my iPad with Lightroom. Any tips gratefully received on this front!

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