Christmas gift ideas for the film photographer in your life

Christmas. It looms upon us, with the inevitability of a massive wet kiss from a distant relative. Like a Christmas Pudding set on fire by someone too drunk to be left in charge of a lighter, it fills many of us with dread.

But friends, it needn’t be that way. At least not if you are a film photography devotee, or you know one. I’ve put together a list of things I’d really like to receive, and I’m sure loads of fellow filmies would too. Enjoy!

Agfa Vista 200 – The Cheap End

6010476-k400-main-new_1Ilford have been stepping up their game this year, with packaging redesigns, a host of new resources on their website, and a fantastic guest spot on the Sunny16 podcast too.

HP5+ is a staple of every film photographer, either those starting out, or the experts with many years of shooting under their belts. Did you know they also produce the super-cheap Kentmere film? Starting at £3.50 a roll, it’s a great shout for a stocking-filler.

Shoot Film Co have a fun range of pins, guaranteed to elicit a knowing smile from other filmies. My recent favourite is the “passed” sticker pin, familiar to anyone who’s ever picked up an old lens. In the cheap section, except if you’re from the UK like me, in which case, you have to wait until a free shipping day.

Kodak Portra 400 – Mid Range

analoguewonderlandLiterally anything from Analogue Wonderland. I love and hate this shop in equal measure – love it because I can get ALL THE WEIRD FILMS in one place, the packaging is sleek, the store owner seems just lovely, and they started doing really nice t-shirt designs a while ago. I hate them because I didn’t think of it first, and because my wallet makes quiet noises of pain every time I browse the shop.

You can even get starter kits for budding film photographers that include everything they need.

Speaking of starter kits, Rachel from Little Vintage Photography has made a great Analogue Adventurer’s Kit, available on Etsy for only £15! Including a make-your-own pinhole viewer and sunprint cards, it’s a great way to get the younger members of the family into analogue photography. If you snag them at an early age, they’ll never have money for drugs, because they’ll have spent it all on film.


I adore Lomochrome Purple – the weird colours and darkened atmosphere makes for some truly memorable shots. For £14, this single-use camera is preloaded with the purple film, and is perfect for festivals.


As a veggie, finding a camera strap is always a fight between my heart saying “mmm, pretty leather strap” and my head saying “you don’t eat animals, why wear them?”. Luckily, there are loads of sellers on Etsy (yes, even in the UK) selling gorgeous, unique fabric camera straps. The Watermelon Design is just one I found, but it’s worth a look for a unique pattern that suits your recipient best.

Fuji Velvia 50 – Go On, Splash Out

Ondu pinhole cameras are handmade in Slovenia from wood. They’re instantly recognisable, with their beautiful curved shape and little shutter flap. If you’re getting me one, I’d like the 6×6 pocket edition, please. They’re currently doing their third Kickstarter for version III – now with filter attachments and improved shutters!

There are loads of reviews of previous versions online, but I enjoyed this one, by Kristen Meister.

stonephotoStone Photo Gear is a one-man operation from the US, making cases and covers for anything photography-related you can think of. I have one of their 4×5 film holder field cases, and can attest to how well-made and sturdy it is. Their products are also available in loads of colours – useful when you want to match your film holder to your Chroma… The only thing I will say is beware of customs charges, if ordering from outside the US.

If you’d like to add any gift ideas in the comments, please feel free!

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