New couple of photos, and a question

Hello all! Firstly, I’ve been out and about with my Cosina and noticed a little problem. If anyonce can help it’d be most appreciated – have a look at the slideshow below:

Firstly, it’s really over-exposed, I know. I was using Lomo 200 Slide film and probably should have set the camera to 400 to under expose it a bit. But there is a reoccurring theme of the light bar on the left hand side of each image – is this a sign of a light leak? I’ve not checked the seals around the edge of my camera back, I probably should…

Cameras I have loved #1 – Cosina PM-1

There is little to no information about the Cosina PM-1 SLR online. Cosina were a Japanese firm that mostly made bits of cameras, lenses most often. They seemingly decided a foray into their own SLRs would be a good idea, and proceeded to rip off other manufacturer’s designs.
I got my PM-1 at a boot sale for £3, a true bargain. I put a roll of expired film through it recently and came out with some fantastic shots. It’s light, looks cool, and most of all, is black. It matches all my other gadgets by being black. I’m a bit of a stickler for these things.
The lens mount is a Pentax K mount, which although common, doesn’t match any other camera I have. Less than helpful, but I’m willing to make an exception as it is so damn gorgeous. I have a 50mm Cosina 1:2 lens on it at the moment, all the photos taken so far have been with that lens, so it’s pretty versatile. I’m looking to get something wider, maybe 28mm, for street photography… maybe next month 🙂