Polaroid Week, courtesy of Photojojo!

Apparently this week is Polaroid Week!

Photojojo have some really nifty ideas for using instant film, and some great sources for it too (I got mine off Amazon – my Polaroid 210 Land Camera takes the same film as one of the Fuji instant cameras).
They suggested using the old film cartridge to frame a photo you take – looks pretty nifty:

I might have a go at the grid layout too, I have plenty of bare space on my walls itching for stuff to be put on it. Watch this space!

Something delightfully fishy…

Here’s something cute from our friends over at Lomography – La Sardina!

These cute little wideangle cameras look just like sardine tins, and with some lovely simple features, I bet they’ll reel in (oh ho ho, GEDDIT) a few more people to the wonderful world of film and Lomo photography.
I’ve loved the Lomo guys ever since we did a collaboration for Dinohoodie – they make photography so fun (if a little pricey!) and stylish. Their workshops look good, one day I might just manage to get to one. I bought one of their Sprocket Rocket cameras a while ago and need to get the film developed- also great for wideangle shots!

New toy!

Whee! After a few weeks of looking on eBay and sighing “TOO EXPENSIVE”, I happened to come across a Pentax MX in a crapshop on Brick Lane (the one by the railway bridge, if you know Brick Lane, run by mad old guys). £25 was half the price they’d been going for on eBay, so I bit his hand off.

Got my new toy home and stuck a lens on it, attempted the light meter – it wasn’t working, so replaced the two 1.5v button cells. It’s unlike any light meter indicator I’ve used before, it has 5 coloured LEDs on the right next to an indicator that shows you the shutter speed you have set. Green = ok, orange/red = not quite right. On this camera the contacts on the shutter speed dial were corroded, and were affecting the lights, I guess – after some jiggling and turning (thanks handy boyfriend) they all lit up correctly and didn’t flicker.

You can also see through this viewfinder shot (with an orange filter on the lens) that there’s a little mirror at the top that shows you which aperture it set. I guess that’s useful… Another semi-useful feature is the little window next to the winding lever. When the shutter is cocked, it shows orange. Y’know, just because it might be useful. There’s a shutter lock, too, in case you need to hold the shutter open on the B setting. I thought switching the lock on might jog the camera as much as holding it down would, but what do I know.
Also, orange filter. I put it on and it seems to darken the shot by one stop. Not sure whether I should be compensating for this, or just metering as usual? I have black and white Ilford in there, will see how it turns out. If it’s a disaster, I can always sell it on eBay and apologise to my Cosina 😛

New couple of photos, and a question

Hello all! Firstly, I’ve been out and about with my Cosina and noticed a little problem. If anyonce can help it’d be most appreciated – have a look at the slideshow below:

Firstly, it’s really over-exposed, I know. I was using Lomo 200 Slide film and probably should have set the camera to 400 to under expose it a bit. But there is a reoccurring theme of the light bar on the left hand side of each image – is this a sign of a light leak? I’ve not checked the seals around the edge of my camera back, I probably should…

Cameras I have loved #1 – Cosina PM-1

There is little to no information about the Cosina PM-1 SLR online. Cosina were a Japanese firm that mostly made bits of cameras, lenses most often. They seemingly decided a foray into their own SLRs would be a good idea, and proceeded to rip off other manufacturer’s designs.
I got my PM-1 at a boot sale for £3, a true bargain. I put a roll of expired film through it recently and came out with some fantastic shots. It’s light, looks cool, and most of all, is black. It matches all my other gadgets by being black. I’m a bit of a stickler for these things.
The lens mount is a Pentax K mount, which although common, doesn’t match any other camera I have. Less than helpful, but I’m willing to make an exception as it is so damn gorgeous. I have a 50mm Cosina 1:2 lens on it at the moment, all the photos taken so far have been with that lens, so it’s pretty versatile. I’m looking to get something wider, maybe 28mm, for street photography… maybe next month 🙂