Cameras I have loved #1 – Cosina PM-1


There is little to no information about the Cosina PM-1 SLR online. Cosina were a Japanese firm that mostly made bits of cameras, lenses most often. They seemingly decided a foray into their own SLRs would be a good idea, and proceeded to rip off other manufacturer’s designs.
I got my PM-1 at a boot sale for £3, a true bargain. I put a roll of expired film through it recently and came out with some fantastic shots. It’s light, looks cool, and most of all, is black. It matches all my other gadgets by being black. I’m a bit of a stickler for these things.
The lens mount is a Pentax K mount, which although common, doesn’t match any other camera I have. Less than helpful, but I’m willing to make an exception as it is so damn gorgeous. I have a 50mm Cosina 1:2 lens on it at the moment, all the photos taken so far have been with that lens, so it’s pretty versatile. I’m looking to get something wider, maybe 28mm, for street photography… maybe next month 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cameras I have loved #1 – Cosina PM-1

  1. Hi Charlotte, I too have a nice PM1, and I am wondering if you had any problem with your battery compartment being too shallow for 2xAG13’s? or even 2xAG12’s.
    It is a superb camera to handle but I would really like to use a battery to enable the use of the exposure meter.

    Regards, John

    1. Charlotte Davis 17/05/2019 — 9:05 pm

      Hi John! Thanks for reading 🙂 I use 1 x GPA76 button cell battery in my PM1 – seems to meter just fine with it, and they’re cheap and plentiful!

      1. Hi Charlotte,
        Many thanks for the info. Enjoy this little gem of a camera.
        Regards, John.

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