Burning Nest 2018

The facepaint has been washed off, the tent has been packed away, and the hangovers are easing. Burning Nest 2018 is over, for another year.

I first attended Burning Nest last year, as part of the Intergalactic Häus of Mojo – a burner bar, working on a gifting economy. I had an amazing time, and this year’s Nest was even more amazing (if that’s possible). We sang, we danced, we explored a new and beautiful site with a spring and two lakes, as well as open rolling fields. We hugged our friends from last year, and welcomed in new ones.

My Olympus XA4 served me well last year in recording my experiences at Nest – its small, sturdy build makes it an ideal festival camera, as I’ve written about before. This year, I went in mob-handed, with the XA4, full Bronica SQ-A kit with 2 lenses, a tripod, a Lomography Fisheye and a Lomo’Instant Automat Glass. The SQ-A did not get used at all (haha), but the other cameras got plenty of use!

Olympus XA4

My favourite compact camera, if not my favourite, full stop. Sharp lens, small body and the ability to focus as close as 30cm with some gorgeous vignetting – I love it, and I’ll never part from it. The XA4 was perfect in capturing a variety of shots – people, environment, in both sunlight and at night. I got through a roll-and-a-bit of Fuji Superia 800 (the “bit” is still in the camera at time of blogging – watch this space!).

Lomography Fisheye

The Fisheye is not my camera, but belongs to my much better half. She wanted to take some snaps around camp, and it functioned really well as a “fun” camera! We learned that it needs full light to really function best, or the flash in low light (which has quite a small illumination area). It also benefits from really filling the frame with your subject – get closer!

Lomo’Instant Automat Glass

The newest addition to the camera family, this instant camera is, once again, not mine. I think I’ve fully infected my partner with the film camera bug, and I’m not sorry! She loved running our Mojo Booth – a photo booth with an arch, giving people the chance to have their picture taken in their festival finest. We learned that strong contrast (e.g. bright sunshine) required a bit of handling – most days we underexposed to avoid blowing out people’s faces, and to keep the detail in the leaves of the trees we shot under.

I love the happiness captured in these photos – that’s one thing instant film is so good at. It doesn’t feel like a “proper” camera, so people are a bit less posed when you take their picture.

Next year, I’ll definitely take the Automat and the XA4, maybe the Fisheye too. A fun festival deserves fun cameras!

My whole Burning Nest 2018 collection is over on Flickr, too. Until next time! x

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