Updates and a new arrival (no, not that kind)

Hello photography pals! Apologies for the blog silence for the past few weeks (er, months…). Life has dealt me a few rough hands recently (deaths, upheaval due to moving house twice in 6 months, illness, the list goes on). All this has meant I’ve not had the time or inclination to take many photos, and when I did, they got lost in the post when I sent them off (I’m still angry at myself for that one – always use sturdy envelopes!). However, I seem to be coming out the other side of it all now, and wanted to share a few updates!

I’ve just had my first article published on Casual Photophile, which you can read here, and I’m really excited to be working with them more often in future! Having an incentive to keep writing is helping too – I’m already thinking up new topics to explore. My articles on Casual Photophile will be based around alternative processes, odd film stocks, and DIY or unusual cameras.

I’m also due to receive my long-awaited Chroma camera very soon! Steve has sent me some teaser photos, and I really can’t wait to have it in my hands next week! I’ll be experimenting with the pinhole lens for a while, as I don’t have any large format lenses, but I’m really excited to start the learning curve of large format. Watch this space!

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