Holkham Beach & Woods

Holkham beach and woods, Wells-Next-The-Sea. Early memories of this place include my Dad climbing high up into one of the pine trees and grinning down at me. Visiting again, years later, the trees don’t seem so tall. Deeper into the woods, the floor is carpeted with lush green moss – I’ll be back one day to get more photos of that.

Hever Castle

…or, “In which I underexpose almost a whole roll”.

We took a trip to Hever Castle in the recent blistering heat, and I thought it might be nice to take a camera along. I took my trusty Cosina PM-1, a 28mm lens and a circ-pol, loaded with Kodak 200, one of the rolls of film that came in my recent grab bag from 4 Corner Store.

The results were mixed, but I almost universally under-exposed the whole roll. I was trying to compensate for the bright conditions, but I guess having the polariser on there too, mucked it all up. I managed to salvage a couple of photos, but they’ve come out very grainy. Not sure if I’ll bother with Kodak 200 in future, seems a bit of a cheapy film. Which is shame, as I’ve got 2 rolls of Kodak 400 Max in the bag too.

Let me know what you think – the wolf is my favourite.

Hever Castle - Italian Garden

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Stand developing – Fuji Acros 100

Fuji Acros 100 + Olympus XA 4
Paris – click through to Flickr set

My first go at stand developing with my little Olympus XA 4. This roll was mostly taken at box speed, except for a few shots where I thought it was too dark, so pushed to 200 or 400. Amazingly all shots came out pretty well-exposed! There was a lot of tweaking in Lightroom, mostly to bump the contrast and adjust the tones, but not much else done.

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Best laid plans…

I’d hoped to write a post about the Sprocket Rocket film I had developed the other day. I’d hoped it would be full of lovely wideangle vistas. However it seems I dreamt all the photos I took on that camera. I had it developed (luckily only cheaply at Asda) and there was ONE shot on the film. Just one. So here it is. It isn’t even very interesting!

Sprocket Rocket House

Oh well. I guess that’s one of the perks of film. You never know what you’ll get!

Recesky TLR – first roll, Headley Common

Recesky TLR - Fuji Superia
Recesky – click through to Flickr set

My first roll of Fuji Superia through the DIY plastic TLR by Recesky.

All images are very tweaked in PP. I’ve never scanned + processed colour film before, so this might be normal, or it might not.

I need to remember not to wind on so much next time – I had massive gaps in between frames, only got 16 or so photos to a 36-shot roll. ¾ of a turn should be enough.

EDIT: A couple of years on, this is one of my favourite sets. After chasing perfection for a while, these images have an atmospheric quality that is hard to find. The Recesky has hidden qualities!

Best of West Kent – Veteran Car Club run

Best of West Kent - Veteran Car Club run
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New lens practice time!

These ended up very bright, very sharp and nice, but not what I was entirely going for. I think I need to realise that what I see in the viewfinder is not always what comes out on the film. Especially regarding lovely lovely bokeh. Must pay more attention to my aperture settings next time.