Psychedelic light leaks

How to ruin two rolls of film in one easy step: assume the light seals in your camera, which were fine two years ago, are still ok for your holiday snaps!

The Olympus OM10 mentioned in my previous post has turned out to be iffy – I’ll probably be sending it to a friend or shipping it off to the big camera graveyard in the sky.

The results have been pleasantly fun though, so I’m not too angry – the light leaks on the Ektar in particular, have lead to some psychedelic colour effects, that have probably improved some merely mediocre holiday photos. The Agfa Precisa slide film didn’t end up with any colour shifts, but the whole roll was over-exposed by quite a margin. If the Ektar results were easy to replicate, I’d probably have another go at it!

The rest of the album is here.

Kodak Ektar – Brean Down
Kodak Ektar – Brean Down
Kodak Ektar – Cornwall
Kodak Ektar – Cornwall
Agfa Precisa – Cornwall

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