Agfa Precisa: Go Green

A slide film stock I have used once before, Agfa Precisa CT100 is actually the (usually more expensive) Fuji Provia F, rebadged. It’s well-saturated, sharp and with a slight blue cast, perfect for landscapes.

An evening walk around our lovely village seemed like a nice way to use up a roll of this film again, so off I went with my Cosina PM-1 and the Cosina Auto SQ 50mm lens – a lovely wide one, with a maximum aperture of 1.2.

Signposts at The Rising Sun pub

This lens was on the camera when I bought it (for the princely sum of £3 at a car boot fair), and is one of my favourites. Creamy smooth backgrounds, with the distortion and swirl I really love. I have a Pentax-branded 50mm, which despite being a bit sharper, only opens to 1.7.

Catching the evening light was important – as soon as the sun sets, the blue cast becomes quite strong and hard to pull back. However, I managed to get a few shots of close-up flowers, plants etc – slide film is so nice for this.



These scan have suffered from an extreme case of dust, unfortunately – the Nikon Coolscan IV does have an infrared dust-pass setting, but maybe it wasn’t functioning at the time. I’ll re-scan a few of the nicer frames when I have time, I’d like to get a few shots printed. The rest of the album is on Flickr.

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