Freelensing is bestlensing

Freelensing! What’s that, I hear you scream? It’s the technique of removing the camera lens from the body, and shooting by tilting it to find the in-focus spot. There are expensive Lensbaby lenses that will enable you to do this, but I prefer the DIY method. Using a film camera, I don’t have to worry about dust on my sensor either. Inspired and guided by Lina Forrester’s fantastic blog, I decided to use up the rest of a roll of Agfa Vista 200 on this experiment.

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Mousehold Heath, SQ-A

SQ-A, Portra 400, 80mm lens. Norfolk, Mousehold Heath.

Getting to grips a little more with the Bronica SQ-A. I’ve realised that I need to GET CLOSER. Lots of these shots looked so different in my mind, so I need to amend that next time.

Colours came out nicely, and the latitude of the Portra was welcome when moving from woodland to open field, and forgetting to adjust the meter.