Olympus OM10 – good and bad

The Olympus OM10 – a staple SLR, launched in 1979 and going strong ever since. Aperture-priority (unless you attach a little converter) and pretty sturdy, it takes OM-mount lenses and 35mm film. Light, easy to use and with so many lenses available, it’s lovely to hold and to use, with a big, bright viewfinder.

Given to me by my Dad, who bought it to get back into photography, but ended up using it less than he thought, and it sat in a bag for a few years. Now in my possession, the two rolls I shot with it recently winging their way back to me from AG-Photographic sometime this week. It may have suffered a bit, being stuck in that bag – the shutter and mirror seem to be sticky at times. That’s not so much of an issue with negative film, but the roll of slide film I shot might have some duff frames. Time will tell – if it’s no good, then it’s off the big eBay portal in the sky!

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