Decisive thoughts on indecisiveness

I’m terribly guilty of being indecisive. In life as well as in photography. I like to chop and change, try a few things and keep switching. It’s not the best tactic when trying to master something though (like photography). Too many variables make it much harder.

Some advice from a fantastically helpful guy on TalkPhotography recently has made me stop and think – I keep chopping and changing (film and cameras). I need to pick one (two at most) film, and ONE CAMERA, and stick with it. Maybe I’ll use that camera for three months, or 5 rolls, whichever comes first, and see if my techniques and results improve.

Now to decide which to pick… the Olympus OM-10 is a current fave, but maybe the aperture-priority focus of it is counter-productive, sometimes. Teaches laziness. However, the lens I have on it is quite sharp. The Cosina PM-1 is a great little camera, light and fully manual, and has been serviced. The 50mm I usually use on it is ok, quite passable really. As for film… hmm. I have two rolls of Kodak Max 400 from my grab bag to use, maybe I’ll start with those. Unless I see a good deal on a 5-pack of Fuji Superia, of course.

Any thoughts or comments gladly welcome!

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