Slide film, and a new (to me) camera

My first experiment with slide film was returned to me recently, from the speedy and affordable AG Photolab. I used Lomography’s X-Pro film, usually intended for cross-processing. The results were mixed, but all photos came back with an odd yellow colour cast. I don’t know if this was the film, or is normal with slide film – easy to fix in post though. Lovely sharp negatives, I’ll have to expand into other slide films.

I’m trying out a new compact camera too, the Fujifilm DL Supermini (also called a Fujifilm Tiara in Japan). It was originally intended for the high-end compact camera audience, it did badly at launch, but is a very capable camera, with a sharp lens. What drew me to it was the “panoramic” mode, not a true wide shot but a cropping of a 35mm frame. Once I get through the roll, I’ll post the results.


alton towers
Alton Towers

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