Water, water everywhere…

I’ve followed the awesome Who Killed Bambi for a few years now, and they always lead me to new and exciting stuff, especially in the areas of photography and fashion. When I saw their latest post about a competition in collaboration with Currys and PC World, I knew I had to have a go – being a lifelong Canon fan was a factor too!

They asked for 3 photos on the theme “Water, water, everywhere”. I wanted to show that water really is everywhere, and in many different forms. Here are my entries, and my reasons for picking them – I thought I’d complete the popular phrase with each image title.

Water, water, everywhere…

Lake Tenno panorama

…and very serene it is too.

This panorama was taken at Lake Tenno, in Italy, on a Canon IXUS 100 IS (a flawless little point-and-shoot). No photoshopping involved – the water really was that colour, apparently from minerals flowing down the surrounding mountains.
For this shot I took many photos and stitched them together afterwards – it just goes to show what a gorgeous photo you can get with a relatively low-end camera. No massive wide-angle lens needed!


… even in the heart of London.

The first of my film shots for this challenge, taken on a Cosina PM-1 with West Yorkshire Cameras’ 400 ASA b/w film. I loved the bubbling life of this fountain – even a city decoration, that seems boring at first glance, can be appreciated with the right framing. I chose to capture the sweeping curve of the stone, against the chaotic bubbling of the fountain.

cliche 1

… and here I am, trapped on a rock.

For my final photo, one of my all-time favourites. This was taken on Eweleaze beach, in Dorset, England. The tide was coming in, but I had to get this final shot before I was cut off. The vibrant colours of the seaweed and the stones really brought the scene to life, not to mention the actual life in the water – tiny fish and shrimp darted about the rockpools. This shot was captured on a Canon 600, one of Canon’s last film SLRs, and Fuji Superia 200 ISO film. I love the distortion given by the 28mm lens as well – it feels like I’m standing on top of the world.

Those are my three entries – let me know what you think! I’d also be really grateful if you could share and RT as much as possible – thanks guys 🙂

Char x

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