More money than sense? Then the Canon IV USB memory stick is for you!

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Is a massive wodge of money burning a hole in your pocket? Have you already bought five Leicas, three Billingham bags and all the Velvia you can store in your gold-plated mansion? Then, my friend: the replica Canon IV USB stick is for you.

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Film scanner comparison

Recently I have been lucky to find myself in possession of two film scanners. Going from “no film scanner” to “two” is a bit of a leap, but that’s what happens when you see two bargains on eBay and decide that driving to Milton Keynes is a good idea.

So I now have a Nikon Coolscan IV and a Canoscan 9000F in my possession. Both scan 35mm transparencies and slides, but the Canoscan also scans 120 transparencies. The Nikon is the mouch older of the two, it’s about 10 years old, but sold for much more than the Canon when it was new. As it’s got the ability to be fed film in strips of four, it was often used as a mini lab, scanning in batches. Flatbed scanners are more common nowadays, being as they are, multipurpose – you can also scan documents, photos, pictures etc with it.

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Water, water everywhere…

I’ve followed the awesome Who Killed Bambi for a few years now, and they always lead me to new and exciting stuff, especially in the areas of photography and fashion. When I saw their latest post about a competition in collaboration with Currys and PC World, I knew I had to have a go – being a lifelong Canon fan was a factor too!

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Camping trip, and experiments in wideangle

Just got the photos back from my trip with my BFF and her family, to Eweleaze Farm in Dorset. It was bloody lovely, and I got a few photos I really liked from the trip too.

I was mostly playing with my EOS 630 and the wide lens (Sigma 24mm superwide) I have for it – I love wideangle portraits, even though it’s not really what you’re meant to use a wide lens for. I love the wide shots from Wes Anderson films (hipster alert), and tried to recreate it where I can, with mixed success.

The film used was Fuji Superia 200, which came out with rather nice tones, if not terribly sharp. This could be down to processing in Jessops though, I don’t know. A few choice photos:


winding path


cliche 1

cliche 2

Roundshaw field walk

Roundshaw field walk
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Today, I finally worked out how to use the manual functions on my Canon 400D. It’s a bit fiddly, but I’ve found if you set the aperture and then fiddle with the shutter speed only, it works quite well.

I went for a wander in the field and woods behind the flat, during the lovely “golden hour” light. Stalked a grasshopper for a while, played with the backlighting on the fluffy grasses, then snapped a collection of snails. A great way to spend half an hour or so.

All these shots are straight off the camera, only cropped a couple. This is a first for me, I usually tweak my photos in Lightroom quite a lot. I found slightly underexposing brought out the colours and contrast a lot more, especially for subjects against a dark background, will have to remember that.

Snails - a collection
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