Recesky TLR – DIY camera

Aaaaages ago I bought a Recesky TLR from eBay for about a tenner. It’s a tiny TLR in kit firm, that takes 35mm film. Today I thought I’s actually sit down and make it!

Ooh. Err…. hmm. That’s a lot of bits. I needed a tiny Philips screwdriver and some tweezers for fiddly bits, but that’s all. Had a look at the manual:

Aha! Chinese! Shame I don’t speak it, but the drawings were quite clear, so I did ok. It took me about an hour and a half to put together, the only thing I got stuck with was the shutter mechanism. For anyone who has problems with this, see below:

The middle bit was slack at first, and the spring underneath kept dropping off, so the shutter wouldn’t fire. You have to wind the peg up, then screw it in!

I ended up with three leftover screws, but that seems to happen with every DIY project I do.

Ta-da! I’ve put a roll of 35mm in it, I’ll take some shots and post them up soon 🙂

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