17mm lens testing – Kilve Beach

I’ve always been drawn to super wide-angle lenses. I don’t know why – a combination of the distortion (reminds me of 90’s skate videos) and being able to get REALLY CLOSE to things and still get a whole background in, maybe. A kind person over on the Talk Photography forums kindly lent me theirs – a 17mm Tamron lens, which I quickly picked up an adaptor for.


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Konstructor + Redscale = Experimental!

If you’re going to try out a new film or a new camera, you usually do one or the other. This reduces your chance of failure, and gives you the opportunity to assess the film or camera properly (without too many new variables). However, on this occasion I decided to throw myself in at the deep end. A new film (Lomography Redscale) and a new camera, the Lomography Konstructor! The Konstructor is a DIY kit camera – lots of plastic bits you put together yourself.

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Interior photography

For a while, interior photography was my day job, for a lettings agent. I worked in central London, carting my gear around in the top box of my motorbike and trying not to get my muddy boots on people’s cream-coloured carpets. My gear was minimal – dSLR, 18-22mm lens, on-camera flash and a remote shutter control. No room for a tripod, annoyingly – but we do what we can, with what we have.

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First steps in photography

We all have to start somewhere. For me, my first camera was a little red plastic thing, that took square photos. I took it on outings to Battersea Park and Crystal Palace, and took lots of blurry photos of pigeons and concrete dinosaurs. My mum diligently took them to Boots to be developed and printed, and then I was hooked.

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2016 in review

Another year passes, and what a bastard this one has been. Lots of creative people have died, the world seems to have got that little bit worse. Seeing as this is a blog about photography though, I’m not going to dwell on that – instead, I’m going to focus on the improvements and discoveries I’ve made this year, and what I can do to keep improving and creating in 2017.

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Berlin in Velvia

If you were to ask me my favourite emulsion, I’d have to say it was Velvia. This slide film has such a rich, saturated pink-red colour palette, it’s ideal for sunny days. It’s not massively suited to Berlin in December, but I had a roll that had been in my Olympus XA4 for well over a year, and it needed using up.

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