2016 in review

Another year passes, and what a bastard this one has been. Lots of creative people have died, the world seems to have got that little bit worse. Seeing as this is a blog about photography though, I’m not going to dwell on that – instead, I’m going to focus on the improvements and discoveries I’ve made this year, and what I can do to keep improving and creating in 2017.

Camera of 2016: Bronica SQ-A

I feel like I’ve got more of a handle on the SQ-A this year. That has only come from using it more, reviewing the photos I get out of it, practicing. Shooting Portra in the summer with it was a joy, and I’ve got a few more rolls in storage, ready to continue in the new year. I sold a few unused accessories to fund the purchase of a second lens, so it’s more of a complete system now. Lessons I have learned this year: get closer, closer than you think, and don’t use slide film unless you’re paying attention to a light meter.

Technology of 2016: Instagram

This year I’ve used Instagram a lot more than in previous years – thanks to the fact I’ve been put and about a lot more, finding things to shoot along the way. They say that the best camera is the one you have with you – in my case the iPhone 6 is that camera.

Shots of 2016:

My favourite shots are from the same walk this year – a February stroll through my local village, around the pub and up under the viaduct. The frost on the foliage created some great shots – even though I’m sure many would say that shallow DOF leaves are a bit old-hat. The ferns shot below was also used on a friend’s album cover – something that definitely puts in in my “top picks” list. The camera was a Pentax ME Super, the film was Portra 160. The rest of the album can be viewed here.



My goals for 2017 are to take more photos (not very original, I know). I have what I think to be the perfect kit bag – one medium format, one reliable 35mm, and a nice mirrorless system using the 35mm lenses to call on, as well as a sharp and characterful point-and-shoot. I have no excuses not to get out and shoot – and I am going to make myself take the small XA4 out on nights out, loaded with Poundland Agfa 200 (pushed if needed). The cheapness of Agfa Vista means I don’t have to worry too much about the cost of snapping away, and I can choose to develop it in black and white chemicals too.

I also want to continue developing this blog/portfolio into something useful, and make it an accurate record of my work. I’m sure it’ll go through a few cosmetic changes in 2017 as I get to grips with WordPress, but the content should hopefully stay relevant!

All the best for 2017 x

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