I have terrible GAS

…no not like that.

I’ve spent the last week researching Voigtlander Bessa cameras. With news of some incoming cash (holy balls!) my mind has of course turned to “what to spend it on”, and I’ve been thinking a Bessa was ideal. Takes the much-lauded Leica mount glass, is small, unobtrusive, good build quality… But then, thinking about it more, what would I use it for?

1) Shooting out and about.
I’ve got the little Fujifilm Tiara for this. The lens is very sharp, and it’s a very small camera. Point-and-shoot, yes, but do I want to be fiddling when I could be missing a shot?
2) Wide-angle shots.
Olympus XA4, the free wonder I found in my parents’ drawer. No dice here either.
3) Errrrr.

Herein lies my problem – I think I am trying to fix my lack of inspiration with more gear, which doesn’t really work.

Maybe I’ll just get a nice Gordy strap for my Olympus or Cosina instead.

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