Mamiya C33

I picked up this beauty from a guy on Gumtree, a gorgeous Mamiya C33!

 Ooh baby, bellows money shot.

It weighs an absolute ton (well, about 2kg), as it should, being made mostly of girders. It came with the 80mm 2.8 Mamiya-Sekor lens, which focuses really close, and beautifully sharp.

It needs a bit of a clean, as the outside is a tad grubby, but the lens is clear. The focussing screen could do with a wipe, but it looks like this can be removed with a couple of screws. The bellows seem in great condition, no cracks or holes, no ominous creaking. The back door of the waist-level finder sags out a bit too, I don’t know if this affects viewing through the screen or not, doesn’t seem to.

Can’t wait to run some test film through it!

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