Polaroid SX-70

I got one 🙂 From the infamous Rocky Cameras – a site well-known for “creative” descriptions, and often damaged cameras and equipment. This one was listed as “excellent cosmetic condition, shutter not firing”. 
First off, the cosmetic condition of the panels (leather and metal) isn’t bad – not what I’d call excellent though. More importantly, and missed off the description, the cartridge door is broken and hangs open. There’s a little catch that holds it open, that’s snapped off. 
Because of this, the flap hangs down, and the camera doesn’t close as tightly as it should. I may be able to fix this – I think it’s only a cosmetic issue. The “broken shutter” turned out to be the battery in the film pack – completely dead. We rigged a film pack with 4 AA batteries and the shutter fired perfectly – result! 

It came in this gorgeous leather ever-ready case (which typically is a right pain to use, but it looks so nice) that folds out with the camera as you open it. Lovely vintage look, and in relatively good condition too.
I’ve ordered some Project Impossible SX-70 film from South Korea (thanks eBay), if it ever arrives I’ll get right onto taking pictures. So excited, it’s such a gorgeous piece of kit, and a real design icon. And for £20, instead of the usual £100 or so you’ll pay for these cameras in working condition, I think I got a sneaky bargain 🙂

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