Limited edition patches

I’m excited to announce that I’ve designed and produced (with Aspinline, a patch manufacturer here in Bristol) a limited edition line of fabric patches! These are iron-on, but can be sewn as well of course. They measure 74mm x 80mm, with a heat-sealed border to prevent fraying.

Perfect for any camera bag or jacket – show the world how much you love your camera! You can buy below from Etsy – if you’d like to buy a larger amount, please get in touch 🙂






Hasselblad Xpan review

Now that I’ve run a couple of rolls through my Xpan, I thought I’d write up a little review. I bought it from West Yorkshire Cameras, whose customer service is always fantastic, and they included a free roll of their b/w C41 film, which was nice. The Cam-in strap was very kindly sent to me by Dan K, and has been really useful – it’s a weighty beast at just under 1kg with lens.


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Film scanner comparison

Recently I have been lucky to find myself in possession of two film scanners. Going from “no film scanner” to “two” is a bit of a leap, but that’s what happens when you see two bargains on eBay and decide that driving to Milton Keynes is a good idea.

So I now have a Nikon Coolscan IV and a Canoscan 9000F in my possession. Both scan 35mm transparencies and slides, but the Canoscan also scans 120 transparencies. The Nikon is the mouch older of the two, it’s about 10 years old, but sold for much more than the Canon when it was new. As it’s got the ability to be fed film in strips of four, it was often used as a mini lab, scanning in batches. Flatbed scanners are more common nowadays, being as they are, multipurpose – you can also scan documents, photos, pictures etc with it.

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