4×5 Chroma camera for sale

For sale: my large format technical field camera, possibly the only pink version ever made. Handmade in magenta acrylic by Steve at Chroma, it’s never been used and recently serviced. Comes with a Schneider-Kreuznach 1.8/90 lens and shutter, Copal 0 board to fit, and a pinhole board. Also included is a custom-made pink 4×5 field case, made by Stone Photo Gear, and 2 DDS film carriers (the case can hold up to 5 of these).

Tech specs from Chroma:

  – 40mm of rise / 40mm of fall with combination of front/rear movements.

– 30mm of shift each way

– 45 Degrees of forwards/backwards tilt

– Swing only limited by lens coverage and bellows

– Magnetically-fixed rotating interchangeable back

– Lightweight design with a total weight of 1592g (including ground glass)

– Very small dimensions;

when opened (mm) – 180x210x235

(180x330x235 with full bellows extension)

when folded (mm) – 210x180x117

– Will accept lenses from 65mm (with recessed lens board)- 280mm, with maximum bellows draw of 300mm.

– Multiple mount points for the front standard to accommodate different lenses and embedded magnets at ‘zero’ shift/swing position.

– Uses traditional Linhof/Wista type lens board (included)

– Uses standard 4×5 DDS film holders

– Standard 1/4″ tripod mount point

Lens stops down to all apertures and shutter speeds sound correct, but has not been extensively tested. Lens will need to be mounted on board before it can be used with the camera, but all you need is film and you’re ready to go.

Manual on Chroma.camera here.

Available for £500 & postage (£25 tracked and insured in UK), please email to enquire.

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